ESO Fashion – Furnishing Pages

There has been some confusion about where to find furnishing by style, so I re-did the pages to (hopefully) make more sense. You can find all of these pages under Housing, Furnishings, By Type on the main menu. I deleted the Furnishings (By Type) page that was confusing people, so the url will no longer work.

Table of Contents


This page shows the main categories found in the game’s Housing Editor.

Furnishing Behavior

This page shows the Furnishing Behaviors shown on the furnishing’s tooltip.


These are categories that I made up to help break up the furnishings into sets. This is where the By Style and By Location categories used to show, but I have moved them to their own page.


These are the sizes found on most (but not all) furnishing tooltips. This is a work in progress.


This shows furnishings by Style, ie. High Elf, Argonian and Location, ie. Alinor, Murkmire.

Sub Category

This shows the game’s Housing Editor sub categories as well as tertiary categories I have made up to further separate items.


I am trying something new with this page. It’s such a pain to maintain a separate Excel spreadsheet of all furnishings to update this page. I’m not sure how much use it’s getting. I’ve deleted the searchable table and added one that shows a small thumbnail and categories. Let me know if this just doesn’t work for you.