ESO Fashion – Furnishing Page Updates

I’ve been making a lot of adjustments to the Furnishing pages to make them load faster. I’m also adding back in pages I deleted because they had too many images and wouldn’t load properly. Mostly, I’ve been able to do this by breaking up the pages into individual ones for each source.

Table of Contents


I deleted and redirected the Furnishing (by Style) page and re-tagged all of those furnishings with new categories so they will show on the Furnishing (by Set) page instead. This allows me to show all the furnishings by style on one page, including those that have armor and weapons on the site.


I reordered the Furnishings (by Set) to make it easier to find items and to put the more commonly searched items at the top (eg Style, Location).


I added back in the Crafted Furnishings page, but expanded them into individual pages by crafting type. This allows all of the items to show and to paginate the page at 100 items so it loads faster. I also went back and updated the crafted Summerset furnishing posts. For some reason, I missed doing this when I was working on these items from the PTS.


I split up the Crowns page into individual pages by source. This allowed me to add back in the Housing Editor Purchase Tab items. I had to list categories on the Furnishing Packs page because there were just too many items for it to load quickly. The Crowns Crate page lists item alphabetically, but you can use the regular Crown Crates pages to see every item found in each Crate. NOTE: I created an Exclusive page for those items you can only purchase with Crowns because someone asked for it, but I have not kept it updated.

Legerdemain, Drops

I recreated the Legerdemain, Drops page and and new categories based on what I had been able to discover by doing some research on the internet. If you know of an item that should be on one of these pages, please let me know.

  • Events – Furnishings and furnishing plans found in boxes associated with the in-game events
  • Looted – Furnishings dropped when killing NPCs
  • Pickpocketed – Furnishings pickpocketed from various NPCs
  • Stolen – Furnishings stolen from various containers
  • Plans – Furnishing plans found through legerdemain or looting


I broke up the Furnishings (by Vendor) pages into individual source pages and added a table to the page to make it easier to see exactly where some of these vendors are located. I deleted the individual furnishings from the Achievement and Home Goods pages because they were loading too slowly. Now the pages just show location maps for the vendors and the table where you can click on a name to see what they offer. Any of the items I was not able to purchase to take pictures of have shots from the in-game preview window.

Image Borders

Lastly, I added borders to all furnishing images that correspond to their quality.