ESO Fashion – Firesong DLC

Current as of: 31 Oct 2022

I’m done taking pictures. I’ll start uploading them after I go grocery shopping.

Light FemaleLight MaleMedium FemaleMedium MaleHeavy FemaleHeavy MaleWeapons
Ancestal BretonXXXXXXX
Ascendant OrderXXXXXXX
Drowned MarinerXXXXXXX
House MornardXXXXXXX
Steadfast SocietyXXXXXXX
Syrabanic MarineXXXXXXX
Systres GuardianXXXXXXX
Y'ffre's WillXXXXXXX
Ascendant Knight----XX-
Ascendant Lord------X
Claw-Dance Acolyte--XX---
Dragonguard Berserker--XX---
High Rock SpellswordXX-----
House Dufort Banneret----XX-
Oaken Order--XX--X
Opal VelidrethXX----X
Pelin's Paragon--XX---
Saarthal ScholarXX-----
Saberkeel Panolopy----XX-
Second Seed RaimentXX-----
Witchmother's ServantXX----X

Table of Contents

New Motifs

  • Drowned Mariner
  • Firesong
  • House Mornard

New Item Sets


  • Back-Alley Gourmand (Firesong)
    • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
    • 3 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
    • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
    • 5 – While you have a food buff active, your Critical Damage and Critical Healing is increased by 13%.
  • Phoenix Moth Theurge (Firesong)
    • 2 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
    • 3 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
    • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
    • 5 – Healing yourself or an Ally grants the target Minor Courage and Minor Force for 10 seconds, increasing their Weapon and Spell Damage by 215 and their Critical Damage done by 10%. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds per target.
  • Bastion of Draoife (House Mornard)
    • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
    • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
    • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
    • 5 – Blocking an attack grants you a stack of Inflection for 10 seconds, up to 3 stacks max. You can gain up to 1 stack every 0.5 seconds. Increase your Magicka and Stamina Recovery by 106 per stack of Inflection.


  • Chimera’s Rebuke
    • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
    • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
    • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
    • 5 – Gaining resources from a Fully Charge Heavy Attack also restores 2363 of the gained resource to the three allies nearest your target.
  • Old Growth Brewer
    • 2 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
    • 3 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
    • 4 – Adds 129 Health Recovery
    • 5 – After drinking a potion, gain 245 Magicka, Stamina, and Health Recovery for 45 seconds.
  • Claw of the Forest Wraith
      • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
      • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 4 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
      • 5 – Adds 2037 Critical Chance to your Class abilities.

Mythic Items

  • Faun’s Lark Cladding (Medium)
    • If you continuously Sprint for 1 second, you gain the ability to pass through enemies. Enemies you pass through become Charmed for 4 seconds, removing their ability to attack or cast abilities as they move toward you. Charming an enemy this way restores 678 Stamina and Magicka to you and heals you for 678 Health. Charming an enemy removes you from Stealth.
  • Stormweaver’s Cavort (Light)
    • Adds 300 Magicka Recovery. Sprint, Roll Dodge, Bash, Break Free, Sneak, and Block now consume Magicka instead of Stamina. You cannot regain Magicka while Blocking, Sneaking, or Sprinting. You can gain Stamina while Blocking, Sneaking, or Sprinting.
  • Syrabane’s Ward (Heavy)
    • You cannot move while Bracing. While Bracing, you create a 12-meter zone of protection. Allies within the zone increase their Block Mitigation by 30% and their Healthy Recovery by 950.

New Patron Deck

  • The Druid King: The Druid King Patron rewards you for playing the right types of cards at the right time, and the order by which you play your cards is vital to ensure you get the best possible result.

New Collectibles & Dyes

  • Firesong Obsidian Mask (Hat): “Welcome to Galen” achievement
  • Y’ffelon’s Body Brand (Body Marking): “Seeds of Destruction”
  • Y’ffelon’s Face Brand (Head Marking): “A Sea of Troubles”
  • Barkroot Blessing (Skin): Antiquities
  • Passion’s Muse (Personality): The Impresario (not yet available to purchase)
  • Passion Dancer Blosson (Non-Combat Pet): The Impresario
  • Phoenix Moth (Non-Combat Pet): “Guardian of Y’ffelon”
  • King Orgnum’s Wine (Dye): “Savior of Galen”
  • Ascendant Lord’s Greatsword (Outfit Style): “And Now, Perhaps, Peace”
  • Claw-Dance Acolyte (Outfit Style): Season of the Dragon
  • Eldertide (Outfit Style): Antiquities
  • Evergreen (Outfit Style): The Impresario
  • Gloamsedge (Outfit Style): Whitestrake’s Mayhem
  • Pelin’s Paragon (Outfit Style): Tribute Reward
  • Saarthal Scholar (Outfit Style): Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration

New Furnishings


  • Draoife Old Growth Sigils Basin: “A Heart Turned Black”


  • Ancient Map of Fargrave:  Antiquities (must purchase the lead)
  • Antique Map of Galen: Antiquities (must purchase the lead)
  • Music Box, Blessings of Stone: Antiquities
  • Petrified Clutch Specimen
  • Shipbuilder’s Woodworking Station
  • Vulk-esh Egg

Galen-Styled Furnishing Plans: pickpocketing, monsters, and containers across Galen

  • Blueprint: Firesong Throne, Lava
  • Blueprint: Druidic Bed, Ivy Stone Double
  • Blueprint: Druidic Bench, Ivy Curved Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Hearth, Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Sculpture, Sphere
  • Blueprint: Druidic Statue, Planter
  • Blueprint: Firesong Bookcase, Short Lava
  • Blueprint: Firesong Lava Shelf, Short
  • Blueprint: High Isle Dresser, Wood
  • Blueprint: High Isle Fountain, Wall
  • Pattern: Druidic Trunk, Stone
  • Pattern: High Isle Censer, Metal
  • Pattern: High Isle Teapot, Copper
  • Blueprint: Druidic Bed, Ivy Stone Single
  • Blueprint: Druidic Bench, Curved Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Bench, Ivy Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Bookcase, Tall Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Dresser, Open Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic End Table, Ivy Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Gourd Candles, Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Meditation Stones, Tall
  • Blueprint: Druidic Tapestry, Woven
  • Blueprint: Druidic Wall Stone, Fertility
  • Blueprint: Druidic Wall Stone, Flame
  • Blueprint: Druidic Wall Stone, Spirits
  • Blueprint: Firesong Chair, Lava
  • Blueprint: Firesong Lava Shelf, Tall
  • Pattern: Druidic Bed, Wood Single
  • Pattern: Druidic Bookcase, Tall Wood
  • Pattern: Druidic Cage, Ivy Wood
  • Pattern: Druidic Dresser, Ivy Open Stone
  • Pattern: Druidic Table, Stone
  • Pattern: High Isle Nightstand, Wood
  • Blueprint: Druidic Bookcase, Short Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Chair, Stone
  • Blueprint: Druidic Pillow, Woven
  • Pattern: Druidic Chair, Wood
  • Pattern: Druidic Nightstand, Stone
  • Pattern: Druidic Table, Wood
  • Pattern: High Isle Nightstand, Dainty Wood
  • Sketch: Druidic Incense Burner, Clay
  • Sketch: Druidic Pot, Clay

Home Goods Furnisher (Ormax Lemaitre)

  • Druidic Planter, Sunflowers
  • Flowers, Sunflower Patch
  • Tree, Large Galen Beech
  • Flowers, Galen Sea Daffodil
  • Flowers, Sunflower Cluster
  • Tree, Large Galen Pine
  • Plant, Galen Agave
  • Sapling, Galen Beech

Achievement Furnisher (Idrenie Beren)

  • Ascendant Knight Banner: Bane of the Dreadsails (12,000 Gold)
  • Druid Ritual Stone: Galen Master Explorer (20,000 Gold)
  • Druidic Statue, Left Hand: Buried Bequest (2,000 Gold)
  • Druidic Statue, Right Hand: Buried Bequest (2,000 Gold)
  • Druidic Throne, Floral Stone: Broken Braigh (25,000 Gold)
  • Eerie Sconce, Emerald: Dreamwalker (14,000 Gold)
  • Firesong Spring, Basalt: Druid Kingslayer (40,000 Gold)
  • Flower Trap, Tamed: Defender of Galen (15,000 Gold)
  • Lava Spout: Volcanic Vanquisher (75,000 Gold)
  • Systres Trinket Box, Painted: Anointed Archdruid (2,500 Gold)
  • The Druid King’s Ivy Throne: Savior of Galen (50,000 Gold)

Firesong Druidic: Volcanic Vents in Galen

  • Maormer Teapot, Serpentine
  • Maomer Runner, Amethyst Waves
  • Maormer Trunk, Carved
  • Maomer Cookfire

Tribute Rewards

  • Forest Wraith Tribute Tapestry
  • Forest Wraith Tribute Tapestry, Large
  • The Chimera Tribute Tapestry
  • The Chimera Tribute Tapestry, Large