ESO Fashion – Elsweyr Updates

Current as of: 19 May 19

I’ve finished updating both the site and search & filter tool with all new Elsweyr Update items except these Collection items and Outfit Styles that aren’t available to the PTS Character Template:

  • Sunspire Ice-Fire (Skin)

Table of Contents






  • Sunspire Ice-Fire (Skin) – not included with PTS character template
  • Ancient Moon Crescent (Outfit Style)

  • The Intrepid Gourmet Bundle – click link for furnishings. This bundle is a mix of items including the Baker Costume, several furnishings, Crown Experience Scrolls, Crown Fortifying Meals, Crown Refreshing Drinks, three emotes, and the Working Cook’s Recipe Book scrolls that allows you to learn all provisioning Writ Recipes you do not currently know.


Hidden Crafting Stations

      • Senche-raht’s Grit
      • Vastarie’s Tutelage