ESO Fashion – Dragonhold DLC

Current as of: 29 Oct 19

The updates to ESO Fashion for Dragonhold DLC are complete.

Table of Contents


Item Sets


Hidden Crafting Stations

  • Ancient Dragonguard (Note: this set is unavailable until the Dragonguard headquarters is sufficiently restored)
  • Daring Corsair (3)
  • New Moon Acolyte (9)


  • Mask of Alkosh (Hat) – awarded from the “Return of the Dragonguard” achievement, accomplished by completing the Dragonhold main questline
  • Battleground Runner (Outfit Style) – occasionally be found by completing Flag Games (and only Flag Games) in Battlegrounds
  • Legion Zero (Outfit Style) – killing bosses of note in Imperial City during Midyear Mayhem
  • Opal Weapons (Outfit Style) – Exceptional Reward Boxes from defeating the final boss of any dungeon during the Undaunted Celebration Event. These styles are based on the Illambris, Engine Guardian, Bloodspawn, and Troll King styles but with a unique shine and effect.
  • Opal Helm and Shoulder (Outfit Styles) – The helm style pages have a chance to drop from the associated boss in Veteran Hard Mode, while the shoulders can be purchased from Glirion and Maj al-Ragath if you own the base shoulder style.
  • Skaal Explorer (Outfit Style) – Deep Winter Charity Writs during the New Life Festival
  • Topal Corsair (Outfit Style) – obtained by entering Southern Elsweyr and completing a variety of quests in the zone
  • Pellitine Coral (Dye) – obtained by completing the “Return of the Dragonguard” achievement
  • Bristleneck War Boar (Non-Combat Pet) – increases your inventory capacity by 5 slots on all characters account wide
  • Regal Dragon Imp (Non-Combat Pet) – obtained by earning “The Dragon’s Wrath” achievement

  • Khajiit of the Moons Replica (Furnishing) – obtained by completing the “Pieces of History” achievement which entails bringing all twelve pieces of Khajiit of the Moons, an ancient Khajiiti tapestry, to the Senchal Palace
  • Khunzar-ri’s Rest (Furnishing) – obtained by completing the “A Hero’s Song” achievement


  • Final Wing of the Hall of the Lunar Champion – complete the main story quest “The Dragonguard” in Dragonhold. Placing this tablet on the Altar of Ambition opens a portal to Lion’s Cradle, Khunzar-ri’s childhood home atop a bluff in Southern Elsweyr.


Crown Store

Dragonguard Achievement Vendor

(Note: this vendor is unavailable until the Dragonguard headquarters is sufficiently restored – 20 quests)

Home Goods Furnisher