ESO Fashion – Dragon Bones Update

Current as of: 20 Feb 18

Update 17, called Dragon Bones, is on the PTS. Here’s where I stand on updates to ESO Fashion.

Table of Contents


New Motif – Worm Cult

This motif will be available from Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes and can be found on the site under Events on the motif and comparison pages. I’ve uploaded the images to the site and updated all pages.

Dungeon Sets

There are six new armor sets associated with the two new Dungeons, Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak, and two new monster sets.

Dragon Bones Achievement Items


There are new clothing items available for use only with the Outfit Designer, obtainable through various means. Currently, these include:


There is one new dye associated with completing Veteran Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak called Nacreous Purple.

There are also 10 new dyes obtained by deconstructing a piece of gear from each crafted material tier. While these dyes have a swatch color, they work differently than all other dyes. They dye a piece of gear to the standard colors of that material tier. For example, if you have a piece of ancestor silk gear and want it to look like spidersilk, you would apply the Rank 4 Materials dye.


There are three new homes arriving some time during the Dragon Bones update. The Coldharbour Surreal Estate has no furnishings and is unfinished. This is intended to allow you to design it however you want.


The list of new furnishings is much smaller than previous updates. Of note, there are new items in the Crown Store, Achievement Mediator and Tel Var Stone vendors  that allow you to store items in your home. The Storage Chests have 60 slots and the Storage Coffers have 30.

The Mastercraft Mediator has six new plans, replacing the previous six.

The Mastercraft Mediator has a new assistant, Achievement Mediator. She is located next to Rolis Hlaalu and carries all the old plans he used to sell for 100 Writ Vouchers each, but you must have completed “Unsurpassed Crafter.” This requires you to have completed 100 Master Writs. She also sells a number of home storage containers for 100-200 Writ Vouchers, but you must have earned “Permanent Tenant.” This just requires that you own one of the inns. Like all Services items, you can only place one of each type of chest or coffer in each home, but you only have to purchase it one to place it in all your homes.

Outfit Designer

Here is a guide to how Outfit Designer works. I’ve been working on images for every item available in Outfit Designer. Weapons are done, here you can see the progress on armor. These are broken out into the following pages because 18,000 images on one page would load to slow: