ESO Fashion – Deadlands DLC

Current as of: 6 Nov 21

Hagenbuch had working leads on the PTS and sent in the missing items. I don’t have location info for them though.

Does anyone know where the following can be found?

  • Deadlands Succulent, Bright
  • Deadlands Succulent, Thorned
  • Deadlands Lightning Struck Log
  • Deadlands Lightning Struck Stump

Table of Contents


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New Motifs

  • Annihilarch’s Chosen (not yet learned on PTS character template)
  • Crimson Oath
  • Fargrave Guardian (not yet learned on PTS character template)
  • House Hexos – Deadlands Daily Quests

New Item Sets



  • Wretched Vitality
  • Deadlands Demolisher
  • Iron Flask

New Mythic Items

New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes

  • Siegestomper (Emote) – Combine 30 Arena Gladiator Proofs with an Arena Gladiator’s Revenge, available from War Researcher merchants in Cyrodiil

New Homes

  • Agony’s Ascent – Cautioning whispers about these dominating spires convince the wary to avoid the place for fear of torture … or worse. Those with courage, though, might find the stalwart tower and commanding views make for an imposing Oblivion fastness.

  • Ossa Accentium – Once the home of an eccentric merchant-collector, this sumptuous manor possesses a view framed by one of Fargrave’s otherworldly skeletons plus offers easy access to all the amenities and exotic goods this city provides.

New Furnishings