ESO Fashion – Crafted Armor Images

Since launch, ZOS has updated the look of the crafted armor a few times. I went through all of the posts and wrote down exactly when the latest images of each set were uploaded to the site. You can see this information here:

If you are able to upload some of the missing or out-dated images, we’d really appreciate it. NOTE: We’ll take any quality version. It would be great to be able to show every quality since the look of the armor changes as you increase the quality, but we’ll take whatever we can get.

Key to the Spreadsheets

Each armor weight has it’s own sheet. You can switch between them at the bottom of the page (weapons are also on the spreadsheet). NOTE: I’ve deleted all of the different quality versions from the spreadsheet. At this point, I’d be happy to just get one of each material tier in both genders on the site. This does not mean we won’t still accept different quality versions and upload them to the site.

  • Still need post – Means we’ve never uploaded a version of that particular set to the site
  • Blank space – Means we’ve never uploaded that particular version of a set to the site
  • Launch – That particular version of the set was uploaded at launch and has not been updated since. These are all out-of-date.
  • 1.1.2 – With Patch 1.1.2, ZOS updated most of the armor sets to correct clipping and improved the quality of the veteran rank gear. Anything prior to this patch probably doesn’t look the same as later versions. NOTE: I did not keep track of exactly which update something was uploaded, they all just say “Post Patch 1.1.2.”
  • 1.2.3 – With Patch 1.2.3, ZOS added the shirt-style to light armor. If the spreadsheet says anything prior to 1.2.3, there may not be shirt style and robe style images on the site. NOTE: I wasn’t always very good about updating the posts with the 1.2.3 tag.
  • 1.3.3 – With Patch 1.3.3, ZOS added dyes. We ask that no one submit dyed armor to update the Crafted Armor posts, but it’s possible someone slipped one in.
  • 1.5.2 – With Patch 1.5.2, ZOS added the Dwemer style. Some images on the site were taken from the PTS version 1.5, but should look the same.
  • With Update 6, ZOS completely changed the look of all the Orc and Redguard armor sets. I’d like to thank Tyrannica for updating the majority of the female versions of these sets. Here’s a table that shows exactly what we still need for those sets.
Armor NameArmor WeightFemaleMale
Orc HomespunLightX
Orc LinenLightX
Orc CottonLightX
Orc SpidersilkLightX
Orc EbonthreadLightX
Orc KreshLightX
Orc IronthreadLightXX
Orc SilverweaveLight
Orc ShadowspunLightX
Redguard HomespunLight
Redguard LinenLightX
Redguard CottonLightX
Redguard SpidersilkLightX
Redguard EbonthreadLightX
Redguard KreshLightX
Redguard IronthreadLightX
Redguard SilverweaveLightXX
Redguard ShadowspunLightX
Orc RawhideMediumX
Orc HideMediumX
Orc LeatherMediumX
Orc FellMediumX
Orc Full-LeatherMediumX
Orc BrigandineMedium
Orc IronhideMediumXX
Orc SuperbMediumXX
Orc ShadowhideMediumX
Redguard RawhideMediumX
Redguard HideMediumX
Redguard LeatherMediumX
Redguard Full-LeatherMediumX
Redguard FellMediumX
Redguard BrigandineMediumX
Redguard IronhideMediumXX
Redguard SuperbMediumXX
Redguard ShadowhideMedium
Orc IronHeavyX
Orc SteelHeavyX
Orc OrichalcHeavyX
Orc DwarvenHeavyX
Orc EbonHeavy
Orc CalciniumHeavyX
Orc GalatiteHeavyXX
Orc QuicksilverHeavy
Orc VoidsteelHeavyX
Redguard IronHeavyX
Redguard SteelHeavyX
Redguard OrichalcHeavyX
Redguard DwarvenHeavyX
Redguard EbonHeavyX
Redguard CalciniumHeavyX
Redguard GalatiteHeavyXX
Redguard QuicksilverHeavyXX
Redguard VoisteelHeavyX