ESO Fashion – Consolidated Menu Items

I consolidated several menu items on the main menu to make it easier to use on mobile devices. For some reason, the scroll isn’t working properly, so it’s better to have fewer items in each section. You can now find Weapons under Apparel and Dyes, Mounts, and Non-Combat Pets are under Miscellaneous.


Additionally, with the introduction of Outfit Designer and my continuing attempt to take individual pics of every armor item in the game, I’ve changed the Tier 10 Armor and Weapon pages to include images of every possible style in the game instead of just those available at Tier 10 and renamed the pages to Armor and Weapons. They do load slowly since there are so many images. I’ll be consolidating the Comparison pages next.


Once I finish taking the individual pics, I plan to create posts for every single item so that you can use the filter to search for those images instead of just the full set posts. This will take quite a bit of time.