ESO Fashion – Collections Items by Source

I updated the Collections Items By Source page to more accurately reflect how to obtain collections items beyond the Crown Store. These are all the Collections items I am aware of that you can obtain for free (and the mounts available at the Stablemaster for gold). These are broken out into 10 sections:

  • Daily – Daily Reward Collections items
  • Dungeon – Items rewarded through Arenas, Trials, and Group Dungeons
  • Event – Items awarded through completing Events and opening Event Boxes (NOTE: Only the furnishings I know about are listed)
  • Gift – Items given to players through promotions and with purchasing game updates
  • Level – Items given to players when a character reaches a certain level
  • PvP – Items obtained through PvP
  • Quest – Items available by completing Quest objectives
  • Runebox – Items that require collecting fragments and combining them
  • Travel – Items rewarded for traveling to a specific area for the first time
  • Vendor – Mounts available from the Stablemaster for gold