ESO Fashion – Clockwork City DLC

Current as of: 9 Oct 17. Here is where I stand on the Clockwork City DLC changes to the site.

Table of Contents

New Motifs

I’ve created all of the individual posts for Tier 1 and 10 and updated the motif pages with individual piece pics, comparison shots, and dyed images. I also fixed the code to get the Tier 10 posts to show on all 4 pages. I have finished updating the armor weapon comparison pages.

Asylum / Asylum Perfected Weapons

All of the Asylum and Asylum Perfected (re-done with gold version) weapons from Asylum Santorium Trial are on the site. I also finally went back and added the Master weapons from Dragonstar Arena.


There are three new overland sets for Clockwork City. They also put all of the sets except PvP and Arena in the character templates. I’ve finished adding everything I didn’t already have (except Arena and Tel Var PvP sets…ran around and collected the other PvP sets) and now I am working through the old posts to make sure the pictures and information are current.


There are two new houses. I believe both of these will be Crown Store, but I failed to check before I purchased them so I could be sure.


All furnishings are on the site to the best of my ability without having access to datamined information. Here are some of the sets available:


You can now change the trait on gear (except jewelry) through a Transmute Station located in the Brass Fortress or in a home purchased from Rolis Hlaalu for 1,250 Writ Vouchers.

Hidden Crafting Stations

There are three new crafted sets with one of the stations located within the Brass Fortress and the other two outside.

  • Innate Axiom
  • Fortified Brass
  • Mechanical Acuity


There are a number of new collectibles, but I most likely won’t be able to add all of them to the site until I run through Clockwork City on Live.

  • Scintillant Dovah-Fly: This non-combat pet will join you when you first set foot in the Brass Fortress.
  • Begone!: Obtain this Emote by completing the quest “Lost in the Gloam” in Clockwork City.
  • Umbral Projector: This Memento is acquired by completing the achievement, the Hero of Clockwork City.
  • Revolving Celestiodrome: This unique Furnishing is obtained by completing the quest “The Light of Knowledge” in Clockwork City.
  • Trophy, Saint Olms the Just: This Furnishing is obtained by defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium on any difficulty.
  • Bust, Saint Olms the Just: This Furnishing is obtained by defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium on Veteran difficulty.
  • Sanctified Silver: This Skin is available from defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium with his allies in the same battle, on Veteran mode.
  • Clockwork Curator: This Polymorph is rarely available as a Runebox, dropped from defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium with his allies in the same battle, on Veteran mode.

Site Modifications

I made some changes to the way the site is organized to make it a bit easier to find items.


I deleted the separate Maelstrom Weapon page and added the Arena weapons to the Armor Sets page (renamed it to Sets) and moved the page from under Apparel on the main menu to below Comparison and before Apparel. I am currently contemplating whether or not I want to create separate weapons posts for other set weapons or continue adding them to the appropriate armor posts.


Originally, the Motifs page and the main menu were organized by Game Update, but I was having a lot of trouble remembering which Update a particular motif became craftable. This was especially hard because they often became craftable an Update later than you would think. So, I reorganized the lists. Please let me know if something is located in a section that doesn’t seem to make sense. I also updated the Comparison pages to this new format and made sure all images worked with the lightbox.

I re-did the Non-Craftable Motif pages based on the styles currently available for sets. This means some pages went away (Dark Seducer, Golden Saint) and I created some new ones (Clockwork, Maormer). I added an Undaunted one for all of the Monster sets and a Unique page for those sets that got left behind when a motif was updated and the best-in-slot weapons.


There were a couple new Emotes added to the Crown Store this week, so I finally did some videos of the ones in Collections. Eventually, I would like to do ones for every emote available.