ESO Fashion – Ascending Tide DLC

Current as of: 11 May 22

Thank you to Rishikesa108 for calling me out and giving me the motivation to get working on this again. I’ve nearly finished uploading the furnishings.

  • Hours: 36
  • Pictures Taken: 2,311
  • Videos Taken: 11 (fixed the emote and memento ones)
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New Motifs

  • Ascendant Order (Not yet available to craft)
  • Dreadsails (Not yet available to craft)

New Sets

Coral Aerie (Ascendant Order)

Shipwright’s Regret (Dreadsails)

Imperial City

New Outfit Styles

New Collections Items

New Home

  • Seaveil Spire – Early in the First Era, a pious tribe of Nedes followed the Tower’s guidance to an undersea anomaly, where they built a submerged sanctuary. Millennia later, the edifice and anomaly remain, providing a secure and wondrous escape from the surface world.

New Furnishings

Crown Store


Undaunted Quartermaster

Mastercraft Mediator

Deadlands Rewards Coffers

  • Fargrave Balcony
  • Fargrave Bridge, Rope
  • Fargrave Colonnade Hall
  • Fargrave Colonnade Roof, Barrel
  • Fargrave Defensive Spike, Corner
  • Fargrave Defensive Spike, Curved
  • Fargrave Defensive Spike, Straight
  • Fargrave Facade, Huge
  • Fargrave Stairway, Stone
  • Fargrave Stairway, Wide Stone
  • Fargrave Stall, Large Merchant
  • Fargrave Door
  • Fargrave Doorway, Stone Frame
  • Fargrave Wall, Exterior
  • Fargrave Wall, Garden
  • Fargrave Wall, Interior
  • Fargrave Platform, Square
  • Fargrave Canopy, Large
  • Fargrave Canopy, Massive

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