ESO Fashion – Argonian and Khajiit Images

I’ve finished adding Argonian male and Khajiit female full set images to both the main site and style search & filter tool. This completes all armor / costume posts (besides a few Crown Crate hats that I am waiting for crate re-releases).

Once I complete the Wrathstone DLC updates, I plan to do individual pics for the head pieces of all armor styles because the head pieces are the only parts of the set that can be significantly different than the Men / Mer version. I don’t feel that the tails sticking out of chest / leg pieces or claws showing on the hand / feet fingerless / toeless pieces are a significant enough difference to warrant the time it would take to do the individual pics for those pieces. You can view those differences on the full set posts.

At the time, I do not plan to do Argonian female and Khajiit male pics. I have other projects planned and the time it would take to do those images doesn’t seem as high of a priority right now.

Table of Contents

Upcoming Projects

  • Wrathstone DLC updates
  • Argonian male /Khajiit female headpiece pics
  • Adding appearance items to the search & filter tool
  • Elsweyr updates
  • Continuing to add appearance items to the search & filter tool

Search & Filter Tool Changes

  1. You’ve probably noticed the search & filter tool looks different. I added the menu from the main site to make it easier to switch back and forth between the two and also because the search tool looked really boring. There are two differences between the menus: the top link refers to the other site in both cases and there are a couple site specific guides missing from the search tool.
  2. I tabbed the two filter tools so everything would fit better on the page. Eventually I will be adding a third tool, Appearance, and thought it would be less confusing this way.
  3. I added a “Race” filter to the Armor tool. All posts are now tagged with “Men / Mer,” “Argonian,” or “Khajiit.”
  4. I added the ability to comment on the search & filter posts.

Collections by Theme

I’ve mentioned this before, I added theme categories to all appearance items awhile ago. This might be helpful to those creating new Necromancers with the Elsewyr update.