ESO – Collections and Costumes

The most upvoted response to this Reddit post prompted me to work on collections and costumes for the last few days. I made several changes to the site and moved the menus around a bit to accommodate new pages.

Table of Contents


I created a Collections page to somewhat mirror Collections in-game, but I sorted things differently to put Appearance at the top. All of the new style options coming with 2.5 are on this page.

I also created the Collections Items by Source page to group all collections items we have on the site by the way they are obtained. None of the Crown Store items are on this page since there is already a Crown Store page on the site.


I re-did the images for every costume I had access to on the PTS with character select screen shots. I also added images of the costume dyed (when the option was available). I purposely chose horrific color combinations so it would be very easy to tell which parts of the costume corresponded to the different dye channels.

Hidden Crafting Stations

I finally updated the Hidden Crafting Stations guide with the stations from the last three DLCs. I also put the set bonuses back into the guide, but gave them their own table to make it easier for me to update.