ESO – Blackwood Chapter

Current as of: 17 May 21

I updated the Jewel-Feather Sep Adder pics. Barring anything else before launch, I’ve completed adding all Blackwood items to ESO Fashion and the Search & Filter site.

Table of Contents


Item Sets


Rockgrove Trial: Sul-Xan

Identical to Bahsei’s Mania


The Masks drop from their respective monsters and from the Trophy Vault chests in their districts. The shoulders can be purchased from the Tel Var Merchant, either in their own individual box or in a cheaper fully randomized box.


  • Hist Whisperer
  • Heartland Conqueror
  • Diamond’s Victory


  • Bastian Hallix: Found in the Deepscorn Hollow objective along the southwest coast of Blackwood
  • Mirri Elendis: Found in the Doomvault Vulpinaz objective in north Blackwood

New Antiquities

Crafting Motif

  • Ancestral Akaviri: See above

Outfit Style


Mythic Items

  • Death Dealer’s Fete (Ring)
  • Shapeshifter’s Chain (Necklace)

New Collectibles and Outfit Styles

Outfit Styles

  • Nibenese Court Wizard: Found within Trophy Vaults in the Imperial City. The chance to find these style pages increases with higher Tel Var multipliers.




  • Thrafey Debutant Gown: Collect and combine all of the Scaly Cloth Scraps from the Silent Halls Public Dungeon




Non-Combat Pets


New Dyes

New Homes

  • Pantherfang Chapel: The embattled clergy of the Quenching Grail established Pantherfang Chapel in the First Era as a bastion of faith. Part cathedral, part citadel, this edifice still stands as an immortal reminder of Aedric strength. Allows use of the Pledge of Mara.

  • Pilgrim’s Rest: Every year, hundreds of Zenithar’s worshipers journey to Leyawiin, desperate for a glimpse of St. Kaladas’s architectural marvel: The Great Chapel of Zenithar. This suite offers a welcome respite from the road’s perils.
    • This inn-room can be obtained by completing the “Room to Spare” quest in Leyawiin, or can be purchased for 3,000 gold if you’ve already completed that quest elsewhere.
  • Water’s Edge: Those seeking a taste of river life without all the flooding can find everything they need in this cozy bridge home. With both the Outlaws Refuge and Leyawiin Castle just a brief walk away, it’s the perfect spot for nobles and lowlifes alike.
    • This house is available in-game for gold after unlocking the Blackwood Grand Adventurer achievement, and is also available for purchase in the Crown Store.

New Furnishings