Domain Name Changes

EDIT: I’ve received a complaint that one of the sites isn’t working properly, but the individual used a fake email address and I am unable to respond to him. If you are having any trouble with links or viewing images within posts, try refreshing your browser cache. If you are still having problems, contact me with a link or post that is not working for you, and I’ll try to find the problem.

The domain names for all sites (except MMO Fashion) will be changing soon, though the website names will remain the same. This is a subtle change, which I hope you will barely notice. All links using the old domain names will automatically redirect to the new ones. Please let me know if you do have any issues so I can set up a more specific redirect.

The reasons for this change are threefold:

  1. Many people who use one of our sites and then switch to another game have no idea that we also cover their new game. I’m hoping that by changing the domain names to make it clear the site falls under the MMO Fashion network, people will be more likely to check out our other sites when they switch games. I also have someone working on a new drop down menu for the top of each site that will allow you to more easily switch between them.
  2. When I originally set up MMO Fashion and started naming additional sites with the “Fashion” name, I believed that would be sufficient to tie all of the sites together. Unfortunately, the “Fashion” name has started to become synonymous with the type of sites we have. People have been using our naming scheme for their own sites even when I have already purchased the domain name for that game. There is even a case where someone set up a Subreddit using our name. I hope tying all the sites together will help people determine which sites are ours and which ones have been created by other people and have no ties to us.
  3. Google AdSense revenue has been dropping steadily over the last year. I have responded to overtures from other ad companies in the hopes I can switch and continue to break even on the sites. Unfortunately, advertisers don’t view any one site as worthy of their attention. We just don’t get enough views. But, combining all of the sites into one property raises the total number of views and makes them take notice.

These are the domain names we will switch to. Please note some of these URLs don’t yet work, but I have tested the change on our new site RO Fashion. Once we switch over, it will take up to 24 hours for the redirects to start working correctly. While the redirect is processing, the site will redirect to MMO Fashion where you can access the site from the menu at the top of the page. I will update this post as I switch over each site to the new domain name.