Destiny 2 Fashion – Reorganization & Weapons

Once I finally got access to Destiny 2 with the PC release, I did some reorganization to make things more compact and easier to understand. I also started working on items beyond the armor Dulfy has done.

Table of Contents


I consolidated the class armor pages into one main Armor page since there isn’t as many sets as I anticipated. Then I created individual source pages to group both armor and weapons by their in-game source. I haven’t finished leveling my character, so it’s possible I may have to do some more rearranging on these pages once I fully understand where everything is located in-game.


I finally added weapons to the site. Since Destiny 2 Fashion is a visual database and Bungie has their own database, I didn’t bother with trying to add stat information to the individual posts (just linked to Bungie’s database). Instead, I focused on attempting to include source information and tying together similar looking weapons. Please let me know if you see any incorrect information.

Miscellaneous Items

I realized I had gotten behind on the Shaders and Emblems, so updated those pages. Once I finish leveling my character, I’ll start working on the Vehicles and Emotes pages.

Featured Images (Thumbnails)

I’ve added border colors to the Featured Images (thumbnails) for all of the posts to show which rarity the item is. Unfortunately, I use a plugin to group posts together on most pages and cannot get those border colors to work properly with the plugin. I have someone looking into it, but I don’t know how long it might take to get it working properly throughout the site. We have a workaround to get the border colors working on the Featured Images throughout the site. Unfortunately, it puts a border around every image on the post, but I think that’s a small trade-off for now.