DCUO Fashion Launch

I received a request to build another lite site. This time for DC Universe Online. Lite sites are character gallery only sites for games that we either missed the opportunity to cover or decided not to for whatever reason. DCUO is one of the former since it came out before we were covering games.

The reason we aren’t going to do a visual database for DCUO is it’s very difficult for us to go back and collect all of the items when we don’t start when the game does, especially since we are swamped with working on Blade and Soul and Black Desert Online right now. Also, DCUO has been around for several years and there are fansites that already cover this.

If you’re a fan of DCUO, we’d love to see your characters uploaded to the site so we can get it rolling. If there is another MMO out there that might benefit from a character gallery site, please let me know and I’ll take a look to see if it’s something I could create.