Customized Sets Philosophy

I see a lot of comments on the different sites where people try to police other’s submissions. These comments include demands for set information or comments about whether or not a set is truly customized or whether it belongs in the universe.

As the owner of all of the MMO Fashion sites and the person who implemented the Customized Set  submissions to each and every one of the sites, here is my philosophy about customized submissions.

1) The sites are designed to be a place anyone can show off how their character looks in-game. It doesn’t matter how “customized” that look is. The race/species you chose for your character and the options you chose on character creation are just as much a part of that customization as whether or not you choose to mix and match different armor pieces and use dyes.

2) I love when people create characters based off other games, TV shows, movies, books, etc. than the universe that particular game is based in. Those posts are always welcome and are usually my favorite ones to see. Keep them coming!

3) I offer a way for people to add in the items their character is wearing. It’s not required. If someone choses not to include that information, it’s ok. I’m sure they have a very good reason not to do so. If you want to know, ask politely. Do not demand they include it or make disparaging remarks. No one owes you anything.

4) I wrote up some basic guidelines on each of the submission pages. Not everyone follows those guidelines and that’s ok. If someone wants to include images that are really dark or too small to see, that’s their business. You don’t need to make derogatory comments on their post.

5) I despise posts where the character is half naked, especially when posed provocatively (both male and female). But as long as the post is not obscene, I don’t have a problem with people submitting them.

Everyone is free to make comments on posts, but keep them positive. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you have to say something. If you have constructive criticism or an idea that may make a set look better, feel free to say something. If all you can think to say is “your set sucks,” keep it to yourself. I delete negative comments and if you continue to post them, I will block you from commenting at all. NOTE: Some sites are much worse for the negative behavior than others.

I would like to thank those individuals that always try to stay positive and offer advice to others. You help make these sites part of a community I am proud to be a part of.