Confirmation Emails

I have added confirmation emails to every form on every site. This means if you provide an email address on the form, you will automatically receive a notification at that email address indicating we received your form.

The reason I did this was to clear up any confusion for people about whether or not their submission was received and to hopefully prevent multiple uploads when the forms time out (502, 503, 504 errors).

Obviously, if you use a fake email address you will not receive the email. Please check your spam folder before assuming your submission was not received. If your submission is marked as spam by the site, you will not receive a notification. Please contact me through the website comments so that I can check to see if your submission was received, but has been marked as spam.

Sometimes there is a delay with the email being sent. If you are uploading a character or stronghold to a site and you don’t automatically get redirected to the front page, please check the front page to see if your character has been uploaded before trying to resubmit. The form often times out (502, 503, 504 errors) because the server does not like it when people upload multiple large images at once, especially when there are a lot of people on the sites.

I realize some people may find receiving these emails to be annoying and may wish not to receive them. Obviously, not providing an email address will prevent this, but please realize that not providing an email address means I can’t contact you if there is a problem with your submission or respond to your contact form. I also use your email address to verify your ownership of characters or strongholds when you request a change to be made to a post.

The email will say it is from the site you used the form on and will have one of the following subjects depending on which form you used.

  • Character / Stronghold Submission Form – “Site Name” Character/Stronghold Uploaded – “Character/Stronghold Name” of/on/[] “Server Name”
  • Visual Database Submission Form – “Site Name” Visual Database Item Received – “Item Name”
  • Contact Form – “Site Name” Contact Form Sent – “Subject”

It will also be signed by me and will include all of the fields you used on the form. Note that I will eventually delete images from the server and you won’t always be able to use the form to see what images you’ve uploaded.