BNS Fashion – Prolific Posters

Since we’re only able to show one Featured image, or thumbnail, per post, we highly encourage people to only post images of their character wearing one outfit per post. While I understand that this can be a bit annoying, it’s much easier for people to search for fashion they like if they can see what the character is wearing on the Featured Image.

To make it easier for people to see everything that one person has submitted, I’ve introduced the Prolific Posters page that I use on some of the other Fashion sites.

Prolific posters will be those individuals that send in 5 or more customized submissions. These can be any combination of all of the same character or different characters. Prolific posters will get their own post that links to all of their customized submissions as well as having all of their submissions linked at the bottom of each post.

For instance, here is Đen’s page: You can see on each post that all of the other posts are also linked.


Please be aware that this is not an automatic process. I have to go in and and add this to each post. The only way I will be able to tell that someone has sent in 5 or more submissions is that they use a consistent name for the “Submitted by:” name on every post. Also, since I only update submissions once a day, it may take up to 24 hours for me to do this (more if I happen to be out of town).

If you know you’ve sent in 5 or more posts and I haven’t built your personal post, please contact me and let me know. Including links to all of your posts will help me immensely. If you’ve sent in posts, but didn’t use a consistent name or didn’t include a name at all and would like your own post, please let me know. I may need some confirmation that you submitted the posts though.