BNS Fashion – Character Presets

Table of Contents

Character Preset Issues

We had a little problem with the character presets on the customized submissions because WordPress was stripping the metadata from the posts. I was able to recover all of the original images (except for the first submission to the site) and fix the posts so that you can access the original files with the metadata. NOTE: There are a few posts on the site that look like there is a character preset, but there is no metadata in the original image. I’m not sure if there was a problem when the file was saved or it was never intended to be submitted as a character preset.

Submit Your Character Preset

I changed the Customized Submission form so that it is very apparent where the character preset goes. If you want to submit your character preset, you must use that field or it won’t work correctly. Also, please check the “Character Preset” category button so that your post will show on the Character Preset page.

Character Presets

I added a Character Preset page to the site under Customized on the main menu so that you can see only those Customized Submissions that contain a character preset. You can also use the side bar filter and check “Character Preset” under “Customized” to see the presets.