ESO Fashion – Beastfolk Headpieces

I’ve finally finished adding all of the Beastfolk (Argonian male and Khajiit female) headpieces to the search & filter tool. I’ve also tagged all headpieces that are significantly different than the Men / Mer version. This includes differences like:

  • Ears, including when you can hardly tell they are there

Dead-Water Homespun Hat - Khajiit Female FrontDead-Water Homespun Hat - Female FrontPyandonean Iron Helm - Khajiit Female FrontPyandonean Iron Helm - Female Front

  • Different faces

Pirate Skeleton Visage - Argonian Male FrontPirate Skeleton Visage - Male FrontMilitant Ordinator Rawhide Helmet - Khajiit Female FrontMilitant Ordinator Rawhide Helmet - Female Front

But does not include:

  • Larger than the Men / Mer version

Ashlander Homespun Hat - Khajiit Female FrontAshlander Homespun Hat - Male FrontKhajiit Helmet 1 - Argonian Male FrontKhajiit Rawhide Helmet - Male Front

  • Flat heads

Imperial Hat 1 - Argonian Male FrontImpertial Homespun Hat - Male Front

I’ve been asked to do another project, so I will work on this before starting on adding the Style Parlor and Wardrobe items to the search tool. The new project is taking videos of all of the player character voices to make it easier for someone to decide which one they prefer. It will probably take me a month to a month and a half.