Asking for Presets / Templates

Our primary goal for the MMO Fashion websites is to be a place where people can come for inspiration when creating and outfitting their characters. We provide the visual databases to make it easier to find items and the character galleries so people can share their characters.

BNS Fashion and BDO Fashion are not preset/template sharing sites. There are a number of fansites for each game that are, but that is not why our sites exist. We do allow people to upload their presets if they choose, but it is NOT required.

People share their characters for a number of reasons. Some are looking for advice on what they can do better. Others want to show their character off. Some want a central location to store images of their characters. Many people have no problem with other people taking their ideas for themselves. Others are more protective. No matter what a person’s motivation is for sharing their character on our site, they don’t owe you anything.

I have no problem with people respectfully asking someone to share their preset/template in the comments of the post….once.

  • Do not badger people about sharing their preset/template.
  • Do not contact me asking me to contact the person about their preset/template.
  • Do not bully someone who says they don’t want to share their preset/template.

I will blacklist individuals for multiple or egregious violations, especially if I have already warned you.

If you are asked for a preset/template and don’t want to share, please be respectful. No one is requiring you to share and I will stand up for your desire not to. If you would like to share your preset after you have posted your character, send me the preset along with the post URL through the site Contact Form and I will update the post. Sharing presets/templates through the comments won’t work because the exif data gets stripped from the image.