ESO – Level 1 Armor and Weapons

I spent last weekend creating character after character and running them through the Wailing Prison and the early stages of the Daggerfall main questline to get enough gold and materials to craft all of the level 1 armor sets and weapons. By the time I got to my 12th run, I was able to do Wailing Prison in 13 minutes flat. Dulfy started passing mats to me, so the later characters went much quicker than the early ones, but it still took me all weekend. I ended up clocking 27 hours all together in game and I still don’t have a character past level 6. I know you’re supposed to take your time exploring, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind.


I wasn’t smart enough to do both the armor and weapons at the same time, so I ended up doing several races twice. If there was going to be a next time (there won’t) I would do that differently. From here on out, I’ll only be leveling one or two characters and trying to learn the separate styles on them and hoping other people send in images to fill in the blanks. I’d definitely pay good money to be able to learn all the style variations. NOTE: There are 30 separate sets (10 races x 3 armor weights) per material tier. There are 9 material tiers. I believe there will be 2-4 color variations per set. I estimate about 1260 (male and female) separate looks for the crafted sets. I find that mind boggling. EDIT: Fixed my math.


Meanwhile, Dulfy’s been leveling as high as she can and grabbing screenshots of the next couple tiers of heavy armor. Unfortunately, we had a database hiccup and lost those posts along with lighter images for some of the weapons. I’ll re-post those tomorrow.

Blacksmithing (Armor)
Blacksmithing (Weapons)