Shutting Down

Hello Everyone,

It’s been apparent for the last two years that I no longer have the time to maintain the sites properly. Consequently, I no longer earn enough money from ads to pay for my website expenses. Tomorrow, I start a multi-year journey to return to school full-time and get a degree. This leaves me no choice but to shut the sites down. Let me know if you want to move the sites to your server to keep them up. Otherwise, I must shut them down on September 1, 2023, along with Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.



Swtorista wants to pull the data from TOR Fashion / TOR Decorating into her site. Woeler is going to take on ESO Fashion / ESO Motifs. Most likely, the sites won’t exist as they are right now, but the two best people to carry on have offered to ensure all the work isn’t lost.

P.S. TOR Fashion is a stand-alone WordPress site, but MMO Fashion, TOR Decorating, ESO Fashion, ESO Motifs, and BDO Fashion are WordPress multisite. My current costs are:

  • Private VPS with two child VPS (one for files, one for database)
    • Server: Intel Xeon Gold 6226R CPU @ 2,90 GHz, 3,600 MHz, 16 Core, Sockets: 2 ($594.00)
    • Server Type: CentOS 7 64-bit with cPanel Fully managed ($25.00)
    • Bandwidth: 10 TB Monthly Transfer
    • cPanel License Tier: Pro 30 ($5)
    • Total: $624.00 per month
  • Usage:
    • Database Backup Storage: 44,210.761 GB Hours
    • Files Backup Storage: 663,543.108 GB Hours
    • Total: $155-$165
  • MMO-Fashion Domain
    • Expires: December 5, 2023
    • Cost: $12 + tax per year
  • TOR-Fashion Domain
    • Expires: April 1, 2024
    • Cost: $12 + tax per year
  • Gravity Forms
    • Expires: Mar 7, 2024
    • Cost: $99.00 per year
  • Themify
    • You will need to get a license or use another theme.